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We offer storm damage roof repair and can respond quickly to resolve your roof problems.

Watching a storm brew outside your windows can be an enjoyable experience, especially when you’re safe and cozy inside. However, when the storm is particularly significant, the winds and precipitation can cause damage to your roof, which means you’re no longer safe from the effects inside your living space. A leaky roof can cause a number of issues, from moisture damage to mold growth, drafty areas to pest infestations. If you spot any warning signs of roof problems after a storm, such as light patches coming through your ceilings or wet spots on your walls and floors, contact us at Covenant Roofing and Construction. We offer storm damage roof repair and can respond quickly to resolve your roof problems.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Many of our storm damage roof repair clients rely on their insurance policies to cover the cost of this service. However, working with an insurance company can be a challenge, especially when you’re already feeling stressed about the damage incurred to your property. By working with us, you can eliminate the hassle that comes with filing a claim and following up with your insurance company as our experienced technicians will take care of the process on your behalf. We serve as your advocate and partner when it comes to finding out what is covered and what to expect.

Our team includes experienced, knowledgeable technicians with years of experience in storm damage roof repair. We use high-quality products to ensure that the repairs we perform will protect our clients’ properties and help them stay comfortable and safe within their homes.

Storm Damage Roof Repair in Raleigh, NC