Your siding is an important protective and design feature of your home.

Siding is an especially important investment for all homeowners. Installing siding on your home is something you typically only do once, and will live with the results for a long time. When replacing exterior siding, it is necessary you are educated and well-informed before making your choice. There are many different profiles and styles available to choose from to suit your home.  At Covenant Roofing and Construction, we provide several vinyl siding options and accessories, including standard lap siding, Board & Batten, Cedar Shake, and Insulated vinyl siding. With years of experience and attention to detailed craftsmanship, our sales professionals and licensed installers will create a custom exterior design that will exceed your expectations.


Since replacing your siding is such a major construction project, it has the potential to be an extremely difficult experience…..but it does not have to be that way!  Choosing the RIGHT contractor can make it a pleasant and enjoyable one. You can be assured that we at Covenant Roofing and Construction will satisfy you as we have built a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction. We promise there will be no negative surprises or hidden costs.

Choices for every taste and budget.

Find the perfect siding that fits your project and match it to any existing style from one of the many Vinyl siding options we offer from top rated national manufactures.



Vinyl siding is the perfect solution to give the aging exterior of your home a fresh, new look.  In addition to protecting your home and adding stunning curb appeal, vinyl siding is extremely durable and low maintenance without ever having to be painted.  Vinyl siding is also UV resistant and carries a long-term warranty against uneven fading.


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FAQs About Siding

At Covenant Roofing and Construction, we get asked a ton of questions about siding. We always welcome questions because we want you to be fully informed so you can make the best decision for your situation. We know there is plenty of inaccurate information out there, so we strive to share our knowledge about siding so that you can be confident you have the facts. Here are two common questions that can help you be a more informed homeowner.

Has vinyl siding changed much over the years?

Absolutely! We talk to people all the time who had an unpleasant experience when vinyl siding first came out years ago and are unsure if they can trust today’s products. The reality is that amazing innovations in the industry have made vinyl siding an excellent choice for long-lasting protection and beauty for your home. There are more options than ever, so you can get the appearance and other features that suit your needs the best.

Is insulated vinyl siding a new development?
If you are concerned that insulated vinyl siding is an untested product, you don’t need to be. Hundreds of thousands of homes have had it installed since it was first developed in the mid-1990s. You can also feel confident because insulated vinyl siding has been rigorously tested to be sure it performs as it should. Speaking of performance benefits, you’ll love the reduction in noise pollution, having a more energy-efficient home, better protection from the elements, and resistance to pest infestations that come with insulated vinyl siding.