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Today we dive into what you should expect when hiring Covenant Roofing and Construction to improve your home. Repairing or upgrading your home can be an exhausting experience, but we want to do everything possible to make the process both simple and successful. Below are a few ways that you can help create a smooth and pleasant construction operation.

Understanding the system and sequence of events:

  • The contract is signed – with your sales representative. Please be sure to communicate any special requests or instructions at that time. Any questions or concerns that you may have prior to scheduling your job should be relayed through your representative. The date stated on your contract is tentative, and more than likely will not be your actual installation date.
  • The job is scheduled – a member of the production team will contact you to schedule the day(s) for your project. This phone call will probably be around one week before the actual installation. Upcoming weather issues may result in an inevitable postponement of the date, but the production team will work with you to choose a day that is right for you. Be aware of the fact that you are not required to be home during the construction project!
  • The materials are delivered – will usually happen the day before the scheduled job. A truck from our supplier will deliver the necessary supplies, typically leaving them in your driveway, unless otherwise arranged.
  • The crew arrives – on the day of the construction project, a crew of men will set up their equipment, park their dump trailer, which will be used to haul away the debris, and begin the project.

Keeping an honest perspective:

    • Most homeowners are not aware that replacing roofs, siding, or windows are considered MAJOR construction. In other words, expect a mess! The finished product will be a thing of pride and beauty, but some of the stages in between can be rather dusty and dirty.
    • Temporary! Remind yourself that the project is only temporary and a means to the desired, delightful end.
    • Be aware of the chance for potential problems. Most construction crews learn to expect the unexpected. You may want your roof replaced, only to discover that a little leak created moisture issues in your attic, or that little soft spot in your siding actually means that your entire outside wall must be replaced.

Be ready for noise, chaos, and a job well-done! Some helpful tips for preparing for the construction crew to make your home awesome and wrapping up the job would also be of value in this theme, but those are subjects for another post….stay tuned!

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