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Are you thinking of replacing your windows? This can be an overwhelming task, as there are so many types out there and each with their own pros or drawbacks.


Doing your research before you begin will allow you to make a decision that will leave you happy with your new windows. Understanding the basics of window styles will save you time when it comes to making the final decision.

Do I Want New or Replacement Windows?

First, decide whether you want new or replacement windows in your house. New windows indicate that the homeowner would like to change the style, size, or shape of the windows. The windows in themselves might not cost more, but the additional time required of the contractor may make this the more expensive option. It does, however, allow you more freedom in changing the look or style of your home’s windows.

Replacement window installation involves simply removing the old windows without changing the frame and replacing them with new windows fitted to the openings. The time saved in labor makes this a slightly cheaper option and allows you to keep the same style of the previous windows.

Window Styles

After you have decided on whether replacement or new windows are right for your house, the next step is determining which window style would best fit your home.

Awning windows

These windows are best suited for a variety of architectural designs. Awning windows are hinged at the top and generally open at between 6-8 inches. They are most popular in coastal areas such as North Carolina and for bathrooms.

Horizontal slider windows

As the name suggests, these windows slide open from the sides. These offer maximum glass area for your window. They are a good choice if there is no space to swing the window outward as needed for an awning window.

Bay windows

Bay windows extend to the exterior of the home and are a highly attractive option. They should be considered for stylistic and decorative reasons, as they greatly add to the appeal of the home.

Single hung windows

Single hung windows are an older window style but a classic. The two separate sashes open or close when sliding up or down. These are the most common types of windows. They are very versatile and fit with most housing plans.

When choosing a style for window installation or replacement, keep in mind both the stylistic and convenience advantages that come with each option. No two window styles are alike; make sure you choose the best fit for your home.



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