Is Your Roofing Ready for Solar Panel Installation?

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There are few people who haven’t at least considered solar panel installation at their home or business. After all, what’s not to like about reducing your power bill? As is the case with any investment, however, you need to do your homework to be sure you understand all the costs involved and the potential benefits. One thing to consider is whether your roofing is ready for solar panel installation.

Is Your Roofing Ready for Solar Panel Installation?

The first thing to think about is longevity. You want your roofing to have a similar remaining lifespan as the solar equipment is to have. It can be costly to have the solar panels taken down so that your roofing can be replaced and then reinstall the panels. You can avoid this by having the roofing replaced right before solar panel installation.

The next thing to consider is weight. You want to be sure your roofing trusses can handle the weight of the roofing materials, as well as the solar panels. If you are already pushing the envelope with a heavier roofing material than your home or commercial building was built for, you might not be able to proceed without swapping your roofing out to a lighter material.

If you would like to have your roofing inspected and assessed prior to solar panel installation, give us a call at Covenant Roofing and Construction. We will be happy to give you an accurate assessment and honest recommendation so that your project goes smoothly and you can enjoy a long life from your roofing and the solar energy system. Call today to learn more.