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20180206_142550-360x203Simple tasks that are not routine can often be overlooked until the neglect becomes apparent. Such can be the case with your gutters. So, what’s the scoop on gutters? Glad you asked! The main purpose of a gutter is to divert water from your roof to the ground in a uniform manner to a predetermined, unobtrusive location.

Gutters provide protection from water damage in a multitude of ways:

  • Roof – gutters are designed to capture roof drainage, which is then funneled to downspouts. Therefore, keeping this moisture off the roof is essential to preventing damage to not only the shingles and roof decking outside but also to the drywall and insulation in your attic or ceilings inside.

  • Walls – properly installed gutters keep the water pouring away from the fascia, protecting brick or stone from erosion and water staining, and siding from long-term damage.

  • Foundation – possibly the most important purpose for a gutter system is to keep moisture away from your home’s foundation.  Too much water around the base of your house can cause flooding, excess humidity, or mold in a crawlspace.  In more severe cases, an abundance of stagnant water can erode the soil, causing shifting in the foundation.

  • Landscape – while not as expensive to repair as a sinking foundation, the landscape of your home is important to protect with the use of gutters. For example, erosion, water contamination, cracks in your driveway or sidewalks are easily circumvented by this simple solution.

Rain gutters, however, do require occasional maintenance.  Most experts recommend that gutters be inspected for leaves and branches four times a year and cleaned as needed.  Remember, gutters clogged with water or decomposing leaves will create a myriad of other complications including:

  • excess moisture on your roof

  • straining or rotting the fascia, which holds the gutters in place

  • and finally, leaks in your home.

Gutter guards and oversized downspouts can be easy solutions to the hassle of frequent cleanings and proper water management. For questions about the best gutters, guards, and downspouts for you, give us a call or contact us through our website!


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