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Covenant Roofing & Construction was founded on the principle of standing behind our work, no matter what. That principle was put to the test early in our company’s history.


It was our first big commercial roofing job, a total sale of about $50,000. For a small company like we were at the time, it was a big deal.

The job had to be completed over a weekend so as not to disrupt the customer’s regular business operations. We chose a weekend to replace the roof based in part on the clear weather forecast.

Then it rained.

There was nothing we could do. Water found its way into the business causing some damage and creating the conditions that could lead to mold and other problems in the future.

At this point, we had a choice. The first choice was to file an insurance claim to cover the damage. But we were a new company and a new policy holder, so filing a claim right away would have jeopardized our future coverage.

Instead, we chose to fix the problem ourselves. Using the money that would have been profit on the job, we covered the cost of water abatement and mold remediation.

The result was a job done right, a very happy customer, and lots of referrals.

Doing Jobs Right

That philosophy has defined our business since the beginning.

Covenant Roofing & Construction was started out of founder Julian Hall’s apartment in 2014. Working at UPS during the day, Hall started selling roof replacements door to door in the evenings.

In the first month, Julian was able to sell about $100,000 worth of business, and he found a roofing crew to help him complete the jobs. Understanding the importance of his reputation, Julian always checked on the crew, making sure the jobs were done right and grounds were cleaned up afterwards.

During the first year in business, Julian began to focus on the culture of the company. He established what he calls a “culture of giving.”

Julian believes that when you give, you usually get back more in return. That’s why Covenant strives to give customers something of value for free. While some companies will charge for an estimate, inspection, or assessment, Covenant offers these services at no cost.

As in the case of the commercial job mentioned above, the company also stands behind their work. Sometimes, problems occur. When they do, Covenant will do what’s necessary to make things right.

What’s most important to us, more important than short-term profit, is that our customers are satisfied with our work and our integrity. Our culture of giving has fueled our growth since 2014. More importantly, it has led to more businesses and homeowners trusting us with their projects.



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