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With the falling temperatures and busy holiday season upon us, you might not be thinking about residential window replacement. Although you have a long list of other tasks to complete, don’t lose sight of your family’s comfort and snagging a great price.


Fall is one of the best times to make updates your home. While anticipating company for the holidays, it’s also when you’ll spend more time in the warm indoors. There are several reasons to consider outfitting your house with new windows this season.

Avoid the Busy Season

Contractors typically find their busy seasons to be spring and summer when most homeowners are rushing to fix up their homes. By taking advantage of the cooler temperatures, you’ll find it’s easier to schedule than in the busier times. Contractors won’t be as busy, which offers you the opportunity to have their undivided attention.

Since it’s their last chance to complete large projects before the end of the year, your home improvement project will be their top priority. Additionally, the holidays and summer are usually when folks are traveling. Be sure to get your home improvement projects wrapped up before it’s time to get out of town.

Winter Weather Is Near

Temperatures are dropping, which means more opportunity for cold air to sneak in through your old windows. Make sure the biting winter weather stays where it belongs, instead of creeping inside through a drafty window.

Don’t lose money on expensive electric bills when the holidays are near. With a residential window replacement, you’ll see an increase in efficiency and a decrease in your energy bill.

Better Pricing

General contractors are scrambling to maintain their business as the busy season comes to a halt. Residential window replacement is the perfect job for fall, so you might get a good deal.

By taking advantage of the slow season, you can save money and still receive quality work. Don’t miss out on the “year-end” sales by waiting for spring or summer. Your best bet at a job well done at a price you afford is in the fall.

Whether your motive is an old, drafty window situation, or you’d just like to update your windows, fall is one of the best times to start shopping. Save money, schedule easier, and stay warm during the cold temperatures. Choosing a reputable contractor for your residential window replacement is also important. For assistance or a free estimate, contact us



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