Commercial Roof Coatings

roof coatingThere are various applications and types of roof coating. If you own a building, it is difficult without a degree in chemistry to make the most informed decision for your building. At Covenant Roofing, we accept the responsibility of helping you understand the options you have at hand and of offering advice to aid informed decision making. Most commercial buildings make use of white coatings because of its energy-saving capacity while some others add a little tint to make it more beautiful and attractive. Roof coating can be challenging, and that’s why we are here for you. We have done all the necessary research and are experienced enough to know the best manufactures in the industry and the appropriate choices to recommend at individual scenarios.

Benefits of Fluid Applied Systems

Benefits-of-Fluid-Applied-SystemsExpensive roof tear-offs cause landfill waste to be eliminated by coatings. A decade after the first use, a fraction of the original cost is charged to refresh the coatings, leaving you with another decade of water-free protection. Heat from solar radiation is also reflected by coatings. Metal or black roofs may reach temperatures beyond 200 degrees. Up to 90 percent can be reflected back to the atmosphere if the proper coating is used. Finally, tax advantages in the year of installation are part of the benefits coating systems offer. For more information, contact Covenant Roofing today.