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Gutters are an important feature of any property, but many people don’t fully realize their importance. Your gutters are a team of pipes that work together to ensure that rainwater is shuttled to a location far away from your home and the foundation. Without your gutters or with gutters in need of repair, you could have issues with water pooling and collecting near your foundation, which leads to soil erosion, cracks or foundation damage, and flooding. Here at Covenant Roofing and Construction, we understand the importance of gutters and would love to assist you with your own commercial or residential gutters.


When your gutters are properly cared for and maintained, they can last for many decades. However, if your gutters fall into disrepair, you can have some of the same issues as though you had no gutters. For example, when water reacts with debris in gutters, sludge is formed. This can shorten the gutters’ life by suppressing the flow of water and attacking the metal coatings. Overflowing water that penetrates siding and foundations and erodes soil is a common issue of neglected and clogged gutters. Mosquitoes, vermin and insects can also find a new home in gutters with built-up debris. With our help both in gutter maintenance as well as repairs and installation, your home can be protected by a free-flowing network of pipes once more.

Here at Covenant Roofing and Construction, we have been working with gutters, roofing and other construction projects for residential and commercial properties for the last 30 years. Our experts are highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to gutters, and we would love to take a look at yours. To learn more about your gutters, please give our team a call today.

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