What to expect after Florence

Covenant Roofing and Construction provides services to a large portion of the state of North Carolina. We understand that different regions of the state are going to face different challenges from the approaching hurricane. For our customers in Wilmington and the coastline, we know that your needs may be severe and that it may be some time before you…

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Your Home’s Not a Mess; It’s Under Construction

Today we dive into what you should expect when hiring Covenant Roofing and Construction to improve your home. Repairing or upgrading your home can be an exhausting experience, but we want to do everything possible to make the process both simple and successful. Below are a few ways that you can help create a smooth and pleasant construction operation. …

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Roofing Shingle Selection: Oakridge vs Duration

Because of our commitment to excellence and integrity, we use Owens Corning, a company named one of 2018’s World’s Most Ethical Companies. This global corporation manufactures and markets a vast array of roofing products. The most common upgrades are from the traditional 3-tab Supreme shingles to the Oakridge or Duration lines of shingles. Both of these series are laminated…

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Roofing Decisions You Need to Make This Winter

winter roof decisions | Covenant Roofing and Construction

Have you spent most of the year ignoring your home improvement tasks due to the busy life of a homeowner? Perhaps you haven’t known just where to start or what repairs are needed. Before the weather gets bad with ice and snow, it’s time to consider winter roof maintenance which can help you avoid roof problems in winter. If…

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Signs Your Roof Is Damaged

Have you been wondering if it’s time to invest in a new roof? Did a recent storm raise cause for concern? If so, it may be time to look at the deeper issues affecting your roof. Sometimes, it’s not always a complete replacement. Although it can be a costly expense for any homeowner, investing in a new roof ensures…

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