Inspect Your Gutters After the Storm

After the Storm passes it’s important to inspect your gutters. Your gutters are designed to protect your house from water damage and proper maintenance is very important. Sustained winds, even those below 30 miles per hour, can cause significant damage and cause leaking. The vibration caused by wind and a high volume of water can cause separation between the…

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Gutter Replacement

In our article on gutter maintenance, we emphasized the priority of maintaining a tidy gutter system and the many ways gutters provide safeguards to your home.  Today, we will address signs that your gutters need replaced and information to consider when making your gutter selections. Let’s focus first on how to know when your gutters need replaced: Gutters not draining properly. Several simple…

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Gutters: Home Maintenance

Simple tasks that are not routine can often be overlooked until the neglect becomes apparent. Such can be the case with your gutters.  So, what’s the scoop on gutters? Glad you asked! The main purpose of a gutter is to divert water from your roof to the ground in a uniform manner to a predetermined, unobtrusive location.  Gutters provide protection…

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