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We want to provide you with quality results that you can only get from an experienced roofing company.

There are many roofing companies out there, but none are quite like ours! Here at Covenant Roofing and Construction, we want our clients to feel comfortable and reassured that they are getting the best in quality from our roofing company. Our business was founded by people who were interested in bringing their roofing experience to people who were desperate for great customer service, quality work, and trustworthy insurance practices. Since 2014, we have been growing quickly to meet those needs, and we look forward to many more years of helping people!

About Covenant Roofing and Construction

At Covenant Roofing and Construction, we understand how to handle almost any roofing problem out there from our 30-plus years of experience. However, our expertise doesn’t stop at residential and commercial roofing. We also are happy to help provide you with quality windows, gutters, and siding for your home or commercial property. Keeping our quality top-notch along with our customer service is paramount to our business, and it shows in our results.

We at Covenant Roofing and Construction are so pleased that we have been able to operate successfully based on honest business practices. We believe in giving back to the community that has enabled us to flourish, and that is why we devote time to Habitat for Humanity, helping to put a roof quite literally over the homes of veterans.

We would love to tell you more about our business and practices. For more information, please contact us at Covenant Roofing and Construction today.

​Get the Right Roofing Company by Asking the Right Questions!

Here at Covenant Roofing and Construction, we want to be your roofers of choice in the area. Since 2014, we have been working hard and growing our business by being honest and trustworthy roofers. Our reputation for quality work and making decisions that are in the best interest of our clients is one that we are proud to have earned. If you have been looking for a roofing company, we want to help you! Here are a few questions that we suggest you ask the next time you meet with a roofing company, including ours:

What makes you different than other roofing companies?

One of the biggest differences that we have as a roofing company is that we are always striving for customer satisfaction. We want to offer you peace of mind and honesty above all else. Our reputation matters, and it shows through our customers’ reviews.

What is your BBB rating?

Our BBB ratings are top-notch, and we invite all our clients to check our reviews as well as our BBB ratings. Likewise, if you have an enjoyable experience with us, please leave a review.

Why should I choose your company to be my roofing company?

We are honest and want to help our clients! We aren’t going to advise you to get work done that doesn’t need to be done, and we do a great job with our roofing services.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. This protects our employees as well as your property.

Do you work with insurance companies?

We do! We work with insurance companies on a regular basis and would be happy to help you navigate these tricky waters.

If you have other questions about our business or would like to learn more about us, please contact us today!